Got my hands on this lately :

whatahellztat!!??  D’Oh!! it’s a blank rack panel!! well yeah sort of, but what’s interesting it’s what’s behind it; spring tanks baby!! And what these do dude?? they vibrate and resonate mate!! So what, do they do milkshakes?? hell no dumb ass, but they do produces one of the thickest reverbs i’ve heard no kidding! BTW, no controls, who need them anyway. make it simple ducky.

they come in several RT60 (Reverb Time decay down by 60dB), going from Short (the one i have, around 2 sec) to Long (someting like 4 seconds)

But really what makes it so nice is that it doesnt produce that typical ringy (or at least it’s not so obvious) stuff usually associated with your regular spring reverb found in many guitar amps but it’s more akin to a plate or even room reverb at times, dependent on program sources, wich makes it far more versatile!!

one interesting fact about it it’s that it’s a passive design (no whatever amplification in the signal path) so in order to bring it to a standardized studio level you must amplify it’s output, usually throughout a mic amplifier! so there it becomes cool; depending on what type/model/topology of preamp you use, that particular fucker will impart it’s sonic imprint on the resultant reverb! isn’t it cool?? hell yeah!!

check out zerotronics‘s website for their full range of funky spring reverbs and options and listen to the samples!

now fuck off, gotta make some noise.

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